Wash and Fold Menu

Wash & Fold Laundry $ 0.90 Cents (Per Pound) Next Day Service with discount .80 Cents: Recurring Orders.

Pricing: $30.00 for the first 22 lbs, then $1.50 Same Day Service each additional lb. Blankets and large items may be subject to additional charges. 

DryCleaning Menu

Dry Clean - Pants + $4.55
Dry Clean - Blouse/Top/Vest $4.75
Dry Clean - Skirt $4.00
Dry Clean - Sweater $6.00

Dry Cleaned - Shirt  Regular $4.55

Laundered - Shirt $4.00 ( On Hanger )
Dress Shirt (Wash and Machine Press) + $3.80
Dress Shirt (Wash and Hand pressed(Quality)) + $4.00
Dress Shirt (Dry Cleaned ) + $4.55
Short Sleeved (Dry Cleaned ) + $4.00
Dry Clean - Dress $9.5 + Long Dress or Special Beads Add + $2.55
Dry Clean - Jacket $10.50 Waist length garment NOT HEAVE Regular + $2.0
Dry Clean - Jacket  full length + $30
Dry Clean - Suit $11.50 - Suit 2 piece
Dry Clean - Suit $15.00 - Suit 3 piece
Skirt Short Dry Clean - $4.00

Dry Clean Vest $4.00
Coat - Waist length - $15 to  $30 Leather, Length  or Lining

additional charges may Apply.

Rain coat + $19.55
Dry Clean - Scarf - $5.99


Commercial Services Menu
Commercial Linens and Towel Prices $ 0.80 Cents Per Pound for Pools, Hotels, Valet services, Beauty Salons, Restaurants, and Bars.
Dry Clean Pillow Case $2.0
Dry Clean Small Comforter (Wash and Restore) $19.0
Dry Cleaned Comforter $30

Comforter Large Regular wash $10

Comforter Small Regular $8

Dry Clean Suede / UGG Boots $40.0

For Large Accounts Call 718-908-6079 ( Ask for Anthony Francis )

Additional Cost: May apply For up-charge/Specialty items or Services 
based on Quantity at our discretion or your choosing.

Separate Colors + $2.50
Softener + $2.50
Add Bleach + $2.50


Free Laundry Services and Secret discounted Services

2 free hang dry items. 

FREE Delivery

Get up to 30% off Dry Cleaning.

Level Billing: Pay $40 Monthly For 6 Months of Laundry Services.

1 Bag Each order No size Limit. 



Additional Cost May apply For up-charge/Specialty items or Service.

View delivery and pickup hours from DC Brite Laundromat Inc in the Bronx.



.80 Cents Per Pound

Wash And Fold





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